Caaaaalifornia Loveeeee Pt. 1

Last weekend, I flew to Cali to visit some family (and to go to a Black Scale warehouse sale!). I need to work on taking more pictures, because I didn’t post pictures of the sale. It was dope too, Uncle Bryan and I met Mega.

This is my homie, Toaster. We kicked it all night playing video games so he was kinda spacey.

After the Black Scale warehouse sale, we picked up Jamie and headed to Illest so Uncle Bryan can get his watch.

This is how the Finally Hip designs are made…in the middle of the sidewalk.

BENNY GOLDDDDD. (Did you know that is his real name?)

Cool gear. But nothing that caught my eye. After that, we left to go to Fully Laced/Premium Blend.

First stop, Fully Laced.

They’re “watching” me.

Hats, hats, and more hats.

Cool hoodie, I didn’t pick it up though. I bought a beanie and a scarf though, for the long Chicago winter.


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